I grew up Mountain View California, graduated high school from Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose and received my Bachelor’s degree in History from University of California at Davis. I began my professional career in Human Resources at Hewlett Packard. Over the next 20+ years I held a wide variety of positions at global employers, most of them at the Senior Director and Vice President levels. Today I am an entrepreneur running a thriving LegalShield and IDShield agency. I really enjoy protecting and empowering individuals, families, and small business owners and their employees.
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I utilize my unique experience to bring you peace of mind in two ways:

Legal Access: In a world that is increasingly complicated and dangerous, LegalShield provides everyone the access to their civil rights and their civil liberties. A lawyer can’t solve every problem. I’ve called by law firm dozens of times. Each time, I always feel better once an attorney has explained my rights, advised me on my next steps, and shared what he or she will do to help me—and I’ve never gotten a bill in the mail!

Identity Theft Protection: I’m sure we all agree that id theft is only getting worse and more expensive. IDShield protects you and your privacy in three ways: 1) they alert you when there’s a problem with your identity; 2) they provide you access to expert advice when you want it; and 3) they assign you a licensed private investigator to restore your identity when you become a victim. That means your identity is restored back to what is was before the incident occurred, no matter how long it takes. And there’s no additional fees or charges.

All of this with no contracts, no “upsells”, no surprises--and no price increases! That’s why I represent LegalShield and IDShield. And I am always here to help if you have a question or concern.