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As a human resources professional and business owner, I understand the complexities and challenges inherent in running almost any business. My foundation is 20+ years in leadership positions at global employers like Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter, National Semiconductor and Foxconn Electronics. Today I am an entrepreneur with a broad network of partners who can solve most business challenges.

I utilize my unique experience to help you as a business owner in two ways:

First, I show you how to make smart, cost-effective investments in your people. My innovative and creative solutions improve your work environment internally which translates into stronger business results externally.

Second, I identify the right partner from my extensive network to address your business challenges. My network includes providers in virtually every area of business: lawyers and legal services, recruiters, benefits brokers, financial professionals, bookkeepers, health and safety, identity theft protection, coaches, staffing agencies and many others. I match the right provider to solve your problem; I make sure the relationship works for you, and I remain available to optimize and adjust as your business grows and changes.